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Do you remember the name of WhatsApp Messenger just while sending messages, media files, and watching status? Exaggerate the number and types of features now with a featured version of WhatsApp Plus.

In a giant background of instant communication or messaging, where each message is a brushstroke on the canvas, or the beginning of a mysterious conversation, WhatsApp Messenger was a seed which grew up as a tree. But within the fruitful features, they still aren’t ahead of the other high-tech messaging apps.

People are getting switched to other apps when they can just heighten up the WhatsApp experience using the WhatsApp Plus app. It is the free-modified version developed by Rafalete in 2012, just a few years after we saw the first occurrence of WhatsApp on the Android smartphones. In 2009, when it got launched, and you can’t believe how many options it actually lacked to keep the interface look branded.

If you had used WhatsApp at that time, you must know about the elevations they made in the interface and privileges. In terms of the biggest contributions by Facebook, we saw the directed API through which you can share your statuses from WhatsApp to the two family platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

There are a few more features of what we saw as the elevation of the WhatsApp interface in the last decade. However, they’re nothing in judgment with the features and resources added within the WhatsApp Mods like WhatsApp Plus. Until the moment, we have got the privileges like Auto Reply, Scheduled Messaging, and Message Hider being additional options.

Today, in this article, we’re going to learn in depth about the WhatsApp Plus app, where you’ll have the comprehension about the official app, and why we ranked the modded version above the official.

Moreover, you’ll also go through many features offered by the mod developers, a download link to have it on your phone, and the procedure to install it to your devices.

WhatsApp Plus APK

What is WhatsApp Plus for?

WhatsApp Plus is for those who don’t want to settle with the features and get along with the technology upgrades. It’s the free modified version of WhatsApp Messenger, which allows you to personalize the app interface and make some backend changes impossible in the official app. We know how intense is your desire to customize the messaging interface with themes, colors, and additional options.

Consider it the way if the Almighty heard your voice and navigated some developers to create this amusing modified version, WhatsApp Plus. The Plus version is not any picked mod, but it’s the current way of messaging employed by more than a million instant messengers.

While being first in the game, it’s still running along with a newer anti-ban script to keep your account running securely even while you’re using the unofficial platform.

Today, we’re offering you the free package installation file for WhatsApp Plus app that you can use for the manual installation of the app. Even if you’re a beginner in terms of using WhatsApp Plus and all its features, we have pitched this article based on comprehending all the features and procedural information related to this app.

Read this article wholly and mark your views at the end as a comment as per you desire.

WhatsApp Plus vs. Official WhatsApp

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Why use WhatsApp Plus?

There are a few things to know about the WhatsApp mods, like WhatsApp Plus, which makes it look elegant in front of the official version. After reading all these privileges, you’ll instantly make your mind of shifting to use WhatsApp Plus in place of the official version:

Download Status

Download Status

If you love any video status from a particular WhatsApp Profile, the modified version allows you to download it directly, just by clicking a button. This convenience will resist you messaging and asking for the media files they fed on their status. Including media files, caption statuses can also get copied with a Copy button instead.

In-App Customization

Hide Media from Gallery

When you’re using WhatsApp Plus, the interface perfecting side would utterly be your operation. Even if you want to have changes to the message boxes in terms of their sizes, colors, paddings, or on the homepage, including the number of taps, changing background colors, font colors, etc. Everything internally and externally is customizable within the WhatsApp Plus Mod.

List of Emoji Styles

List of Emoji Styles

The emoticons that you share through WhatsApp in the place of emotions, or as virtual emotions, get rarely updated in the official WhatsApp. There are multiple users we met who love being plugged into Emojis, and they even converse entirely in the frame of Emojis. For such Emoticon lovers, the modified version is getting back with 5 different Emoji categories, where you get iPhone Classic Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Old WhatsApp Emojis, and Instagram Emojis.

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide Media from Gallery

The media files we get through WhatsApp including photos, videos, documents, or music tracks are all required to be confidential as they can vary on different bases. In case if someone else is using your smartphone, you can now hide media from the Gallery, and simultaneously, it will never stop you sharing and receiving any kind of media files as privacy is on our side.

Privacy Options

Privacy Options

In the stance of privacy, here we’re discussing messaging and status related privacy. When you’re messaging someone, recording an audio note, or even just are on the interface of WhatsApp, it’ll send that status log to the contact you saved in your phone book. Online status, typing…, recording…, Blue Ticks, and Double ticks, everything can be disabled with WhatsApp Mods.

No Limitations

No Limitations

WhatsApp Messenger limited us when we were there to enjoy the messaging by allowing lower resolution files to be shared, a limited number of forwarded recipients, and a limited number of pinned messages. Besides, the modded versions never limit users to any factor, neither the number of forwarded messages, message with forwarded marks, number of pinned messages, higher image resolution sharing, nor text size of caption status.

Additional Features

The features we settled on above were the most adorable ones by the WhatsApp Plus users, as we found them marked in most of the places. Including that, there are some more features which are responsible factors behind the success of WhatsApp Mods.

These are a few sub-features, but they weigh as much importance as the ones we listed above:

Hide typing…

Once you start typing a message for your WhatsApp contact, they get a notification about it with the typing… status in green color stuck at the top of the screen. If you go through the Privacy settings of this app, you can see the menu of options with a toggle hide typing… After enabling the toggle, you can type the whole message without showing the typing… status to any of your contacts online.

Hide Status Seen Info

If you want to look through the WhatsApp Statuses of your phone’s contacts, and also don’t want to share your seen status with them, WhatsApp Plus comes handy in the game. You just need to choose and enable a checkbox and this will start keeping you anonymous from your contacts’ status seen info page. Try it out right now!

Download Themes

We told you above about the customization options you get with the WhatsApp Plus app, but within that, there are also a huge variety of simplified personalization options, which we call Themes. These interface packets can get installed just a moment after you click an Install button. Moreover, once you’ve downloaded it, you can manage, delete, and recover them from the Theme settings page.

Message without Saving Number

When it comes to sending an urgent message to someone, the add-to-contact prerequisite makes halts in that procedure. In this case, you first need to get to the Phone book app, add the contact number, choose a name, launch WhatsApp Messenger, refresh the profile list, and then you find out that number. WhatsApp Plus simplifies it in two straight steps, type the number and send the message.

Recent Logs

There is a particular space on the WhatsApp Plus app, which contains all the details about the recent doings by all your WhatsApp contacts. It contains history for the last online status, updated status, changed profile picture, changed bio, etc. This huge list can also be filtered based on the contact names and upload status.

WhatsApp Lock

If chat security is your bigger concern in online instant messaging, WhatsApp Lock would keep them all secure with three straight protocols, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint Scanner. The chats that you lock will also get hidden from the messenger interface. So there are two privileges mixed up in a single chat locker, and hidden.

Screen Sharing

The WhatsApp Plus app allows you to share the screen on the video calls so that you can change those video calls into the live meetings. This won’t just show the face of your conference team, but also if they want to share props, this interface would help them do that without using a complex meeting protocol like Zoom.

Privacy for Particular Profiles

We all have different kinds of personalities in our contact list, and psychologically all the contacts are different in terms of their human perspective. In such a case, it’d be quite nice to getting an option to choose the privacy options, particularly. Choose whom you want to show you’re online and whom you want to hide status seen report from simplistically with this Mod.


Automatic Message Replying is actually a feature from the Business version of WhatsApp Messenger. It simplifies the online messaging and helps you save a lot of time replying to messages as you can automate most of the replies. Looping messages which you need to reply similarly on a daily basis can be automated with Auto Reply considering various factors.

Star Messages

We had added above a feature call where you can pin your desired number of messages to the top for easy and instant access. Apart from that, you can also stream infinite messages to find them later whenever you want, being stored in a Starred library. Open that library, particularly from unique profiles and check out all the important messages whenever required.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size73 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

After a long journey of comprehension about the fabulous WhatsApp Mod and one of the first developments in this series, WhatsApp Plus, we’re finally here on the download section.

All the features we have listed above and the ones that we may haven’t added are right ahead of you to have a personal experience and a better messaging interface. The only feature you’d miss in this app would be its incapability to work with an already installed WhatsApp.

Although, that would be very fruitful as the Plus version uses actual package names and files to work professionally as an actual app containing an ad-free interface and anti-ban scripts.

Those who find themselves ready enough to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK, below is a link to get to the official download page. Later, you would have to follow a simple procedure to allow the access to Storage and downloading the APK file.

Once you dig deeper, you’ll find out even some hidden features which are only marked in the changelogs. Must read the changelog for the most recent updates added in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus, and now click the below link.


Having a virtual overview of the app is a must before diving in to get the taste of all fruits. It’d be helpful if you’ll first look through the below few screenshots for the proper imagination of how the app interface would look and where would you get most of the features:

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android?

Installing a package file on an Android device is similarly easier as on a PC, pressing the next button until it shows an Install button and waiting for a procedure.

The installation of WhatsApp Plus APK would also be the same, as you cannot get this app on the Google Play Store, and manual way is all we got to go through. Nothing complex; just follow these steps and install WhatsApp Plus APK for your Android device:

Step 1: Downloading and Installation of App Package file

  1. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK file first from the above link.
  2. After you get the file downloaded, open the File Manager to navigate to it.
  3. Once you have it in front of you, tap it and a new tab will launch asking for the permission to install apps from unknown sources.
  4. Click that Setting button, go through the toggle, and enable it for the File Manager app.
  5. Get back to the File Manager app and click the WhatsApp Plus APK file again.
  6. This time, the same new tab will arise, but with an Install button on it.
  7. Press the Install button and wait until the app gets installed on your device.

Step 2: Account Verification with WhatsApp Number and OTP Code

  1. Launch the recently installed WhatsApp Plus app on your device and Agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Allow for some important permissions and then fill in your WhatsApp Mobile Number.
  3. Click the Verify button, and again it’d ask for a few permissions for auto-message detection.
  4. Once you processed your mobile number, you’d have a new blank space for OTP Code.
  5. Enter this OTP code and connect to your WhatsApp account with a few more permission approvals.
  6. Skip the Google Account backup option and get ahead.
  7. Only if you have processed the below switching procedure for data backup and restore, you’ll see a Restore button with the number of messages.
  8. Click that Restore button and wait for the restoring procedure to be completed.
  9. Complete the Profile Update process with your username, bio, and profile picture.

Now you’re all good with the verified WhatsApp account on the WhatsApp plus version and Plus settings are just a step away from you to be utilized and enjoyed eternally. Must try among thousands of themes available in its library and save your favorite one for the future.

How to Switch from Official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

If you want to switch from the official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus or any other WhatsApp Mod version, the first thing it requires you most sensitively is taking a perfect data backup.

WhatsApp’s data consists of all the messages and media files being shared until the date between you and all your WhatsApp contacts, including the backup of all the wallpapers you settled as well as your starred message. If you want to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus version with whole data backup, follow this process:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Messenger app on your phone before installation of the Plus version.
  2. Click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the interface.
  3. Open the list of Settings and get to Chat Settings.
  4. Among the list, you’ll see Chat Backup and you need to open that.
  5. Once you have it opened, enable the last checkbox if you also want media files to be backed up. It would take enough time as per the size of media files available in WhatsApp.
  6. Finally, click the Chat Backup button and wait until the chats get backed up.
  7. Afterward, launch the File Manager app on your device and search for the WhatsApp folder on root location.
  8. Copy that folder to Downloads and rename the copied one to WhatsApp Plus. Including that, rename all the subfolders with the name WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, for example: WhatsApp Images to WhatsApp Plus Images.
  9. After installation of WhatsApp Plus from the above procedure, move this backup folder back from the Download’s folder to the root storage location.
  10. Lastly, follow Step 7-8 for restoring the backup you created for all the old messages and data.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned in WhatsApp Plus

After posting and reviewing countless WhatsApp Mods on our different websites, we have created a perfect research base related to these apps. Among that base, the most important piece of information for you to know is the tips to follow to avoid getting banned on WhatsApp Plus.

You must have followed most of the official WhatsApp website and blog telling not to use the third-party versions. Still, if you have made your mind to enjoy such an overwhelming messaging experience, you can lower the account ban concerns at most with these few tips:

  • Try to use the risky features highlighted red on the interface as little as you can. We’ll recommend not to use them, even if there isn’t such a priority.
  • Keep the version of WhatsApp Plus always updated, and you can bookmark this page to being updated in the future.
  • Try using the additional caption background colors as little as you can.
  • Don’t make numerous Auto Reply volumes or use that with multiple contacts.
  • Never add anyone to a WhatsApp group without their consent.
  • Try not to use the Message Bomber features, as they mostly are the reason for temporary bans.
  • Consider if you’re only sharing video statuses of up to 30 seconds.

User Reviews

We always believed in the importance of official user reviews before starting to use a newer app. Generally, before installing an app from Google Play Store, we stop for a while to go through the User Reviews. That’s why, we’re listing below a few genuine reviews from the recent users of WhatsApp Plus about the app’s features and functionalities.

Catarina: The privacy customization option is quite intriguing for all the enthusiasts, as I liked it personally. It allowed me to include and exclude contacts of my choices. You can also make changes as per the preferred contacts, which later can be omitted. In this app, you can choose who can see your profile, last seen, online activity, etc. Now you can either do that particularly with different profiles or for all at once.

António: Suppose, you have a WhatsApp business account, where you have to deal with many customers, colleagues, and partners. In that case, you can set a separate auto-reply for separate sections. You can even exclude the contacts you would rather not imply an auto-reply option. That’s what helped me a lot in my online business, and I hope this information will benefit you too…!

Carlos: Recently, I found the quality of my image decreasing with each share, and then I switched to a modified version. Here, you can share images and videos to infinite contacts without compromising the quality of the shared files. That was listed as a feature in the app’s article, and at first, I didn’t believe it. But the modified version actually allowed me to share my content in higher resolution. Not just photos, but also those 1080p videos.

Isabel: I had an urge for a superpower to get all the statuses my friends were uploading on their WhatsApp profile in better quality without asking them. I think God heard that urge and gave me this WhatsApp Plus app, as I can now download any status by clicking a button on the screen. The irony is that I can do that, particularly with any status, and it’s so smooth.

Sofia: Before using this mod, I hated the original app when there wasn’t any option to recover the messages deleted for me by my friends and family members. Now, I’m seeing them even when they’re seeing the same messages deleted on their messaging screen. I’m not a magician, but this tool is crazily magical for having this Anti-Delete Messages option.


Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

WhatsApp Plus is just a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger with a few new scripts added to get some privacy and customization related features. When you keep these things aside, it’s a 100% authentic WhatsApp Messenger having no bugs or viruses, keeping your messages end-to-end encrypted.

How to Customize WhatsApp Plus Interface?

If you want to customize the WhatsApp Plus interface on an Android device, you get two different options, where one is hard and creative. There you need to customize each factor and element one by one with perfection, and the next option is to install instantaneous themes for instant customization within moments.

How to Hide Chats in WhatsApp Plus?

Hiding Chats is also an additional feature shared by the WhatsApp Mod developers, where you can lock the chats and hide them at a secret place so they won’t even be seen with the process of unlocking locked chats. Try it out from the Privacy and Security feature section of WhatsApp Plus.

Can I use newer Emoji styles in the WhatsApp Plus app?

Yeah, you can use the newer emoji styles on this WhatsApp Mod. It contains 4-5 different styles, where majorly we see the iPhone old classic emoji style, WhatsApp Old Emojis, and Facebook Emojis as the unique styles on the Universal Settings page.

Does WhatsApp Plus have Anti-ban Scripts?

WhatsApp Plus is ranked #1 in terms of the prominence and security for the WhatsApp Account. It works with the available anti-ban scripts to keep your messaging account safe from the temporary or permanent ban strikes by the official company.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus on my iPhone or iPad?

No, you cannot use any WhatsApp Mod on the iPhone as they were developed only for the Android smartphones for having freedom of customization on this open-source OS. If you want to have an elegant messaging experience with WhatsApp Plus, you should need an Android phone.

Where to Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus?

If you’re using an older version of WhatsApp Plus and want to upgrade for getting those notifications on the app interface to get upgraded, this would be a super helpful website (waplusbaixar.com). You can bookmark it for the future and use it right now to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus app.


WhatsApp Mod users are a step ahead of the official chatters for having some additional capabilities of seeing the messages deleted for them, download statuses, and being superficially anonymous.

You’re now free to click the above download button, download, and install the WhatsApp Plus APK for your Android device. All the app features can be found in the Plus Settings window of the three-dot menu.